4-In-1 Cordless Electric Mop Cleaner

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Pick up this 4-In-1 Cordless Electric Mop Cleaner Floor Polisher Sweeper Washer Scrubber to easily remove stains and splashes without dragging a heavy bucket around. Providing ease when cleaning different kinds of surfaces, this portable washer comes with a high rotation speed of up to 200r/min and a rechargeable 2000mah lithium-ion battery for working up to 80 minutes. With options for dry mopping, waxing, polishing and wet mopping, the electric floor cleaner can effectively dislodge debris, grime, hair or dust on tile, wood, marble and glass. Its omnidirectional rotation design offers convenient access to every corner of your house. Get a further hygienic and germ-free home with the UVC sterilizing LED. The electric floor mop arrives with two microfiber pads and two scouring pads for versatile practicality.


  • 2000mah lithium-ion battery with a power display
  • High rotation speed, up to 200r/min
  • UVC sterilizing LED
  • 4 in 1 function: drying mopping, wet mopping, polishing, waxing
  • Replaceable dual-wheel mopping pads
  • Omnidirectional rotation reaches every spot
  • Wireless design for eliminating the need to plug in the line and frequent replacement of the plug
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces including tile, wood, glass and marble



Battery Capacity


Rotation Speed



Up to 80 minutes

Charging Time

3-4 hours


DC 9V/500mA

LED Type

UVC sterilizing LED

Rotation Angle

Vertical 85°, right to left 180°, forth to back 100°

Package Contents

1 x cordless electric mop & polisher

1 x charger adaptor

2 x microfiber pad

2 x scouring pad

1 x user manual

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