4 In 1 Electric Wireless Mop Spin Floor Cleaner

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This 4-in-1 cordless spin floor mop will clean or maintain all the floors in your house. It provides dry mopping, wet mopping, waxing and polishing.

The dual rotating cleaning heads coupled with a mat at the back, the rotating speed is up to 290rpm, which effectively remove any other unwanted substances and mop it, leaving behind a glamorous shine. With a 380mm cleaning width, the wireless floor machine cleans the living rooms, kitchens and other medium to large spaces quickly. Better still, it can run about 45mins for cleaning the whole house on one charge. It comes with a front water spray design with a capacity of 160ml, which you can control it from pressing the button on the handle. Also, there is two speeds model to meet your needs.

The handle can fold down for getting farther beneath sofas and tables. And the low-profile head features two automatic light detectors for easy cleaning of dark corners.


  • Durable demountable Li-ion battery with power and fault display
  • Fully automatic 4 in 1 floor polisher:dry mopping, wet mopping, waxing and polish
  • Two speeds model which provides 50+ minutes of low-gear mode use and 40+ minutes of high-gear mode use
  • Front spray water design with a capacity of 160ml
  • Two automatic light detectors for easy cleaning of dark corners
  • Wireless design for eliminating the need to plug in the line and frequent replacement of the plug
  • Replaceable twin twist turntable mopping cloth and Floating backward mopping cloth for different stain ground
  • Detachable handle for transport and storage
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces including tile, wood, stone and marble

Power Supply




Battery Capacity

2000mAh Li-ion

Rotated Speed

200±35rpm (Low Gear)

290±50rpm (High Gear)

Working Time

Around 45minutes

Charging Time


Water Tank Capacity


Cleaning Width


Package Content

1 x Cordless Electric Floor Polisher

1 x Charger Adaptor

2 x Fiber Cloth

2 x Scouring Pad

1 x Mop

1 x User Manual

Carton Dimensions

46.2 x 16.5 x 53cm

Carton Weight


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