Carpet Sweeper for Carpet & Hard Surfaces

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Carpet Sweeper for Carpet & Hard Surfaces

It brings cleanliness into the house in a matter of seconds. With its mechanical drive the manoeuvrable sweeper is immediately ready for use – completely without electricity and without battery – no annoying cable to roll up or to unwind, no weight that has to be pulled or carried through the flat, no noise and no electricity consumption.

Carpet sweeper is ready for use before the vacuum cleaner is employed. The power is also right: the special supra brush collects dust, dirt, crumbs and hairs from every floor, whether smooth floors like tiles and laminate or from carpets. The brush sweeps exactly up to the skirting board, without leaving a dirty edge. After the sweeping it can easily be taken and cleaned using running water.

The dirt is collected in a dust container instead of a bag. When it is filled, it can be emptied fast and hygienic. The hands are not brought into contact with the dirt. Particularly practical is the enormous flexibility of the sweeper. The joint reacts to every movement and revolves easily table- and chair-legs. The handle can be bent for the sweeping under armoires and beds.


  • Sturdy metal casing
  • Sweeping width of 25cm
  • 3 year warranty

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