Extendable Tile and Tub Brush with Extra Scourer Head

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Cleaning your bathroom can be so much easier with this heavy-duty tile and tub brush. With extendable rod it can be changed between 70cm or 110cm with an easy twist. The narrow sturdy bristle head is perfect for cleaning corners and hard-to-reach areas without bending or climbing. And the scourer head can be used with cleaning agent for even deeper cleaning.


  • Extendable tile and tub brush with extra scourer head
  • Package contains:
    - 1 * extendable rod
    - 1 * bristle head
    - 1 * scourer head
  • Featured special designed shape of the bristle head to reach corners and narrow spaces
  • Extra scourer head to be used with cleaning agent
  • Heads can be easily detached by pushing the click down while pushing the head in the forward direction
  • Soft grip handle
  • Suitable for floors, tiles, glass, bath tub, etc
  • Materials: TPR/PP/PE/POM/Nylon/STEEL
  • Dimensions:
    - Height: 70-110cm
    - Bristle Head: 9.5 * 13.5cm
    - Scourer Head: 9.5 * 15cm

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