Mop & Bucket Cleaning Set included four replacements

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This floor cleaning set is consist of a mop and a bucket, both of which feature easy-to-use characteristics. The mop has an adjustable length, adapting to the needs of a longer or shorter handle and meeting different people's cleaning habits. Additionally, a tiltable angle of mop head has also provided more convenience in cleaning hard-to-reach corner like under the bed or sofa. With a built-in cleaning solution dispenser as well as the durable drain hole, all cleaning job could be done as efficiently as possible. Moreover, four replacements of the mop head are included. Make your cleaning more effortless right now!


  • NEW & IMPROVED: Spin wring mop bucket system with extremely durable mop handle and POM spin gears
  • ELECTROSTATIC MICROFIBER MOP HEADS: Easily absorbs dirt and picks up dust and hairs
  • MOP BUCKET: Features rolling wheels, splash guard, drain hole, and cleaning dispenser
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY: Mop handle has extendable length, flexible for different height of people; 180° swivel of the mop head makes it easy to reach every corner

4pcs Mop Head Applications:

2x Microfiber Mop Heads for smooth surfaces

1x Chenille Mop Pad to speed dry wood floors

1x Scrub Brush for tiles, bathtubs or shower or to remove tough stains

Product Size (L x W x H)

47cm x 27.5cm x 27.5cm approx.

Handle (L)


Pole Diameter


Pole Thickness


Bucket Materials

New PP

Basket Materials

Stainless Steel

Pole Materials

Stainless Steel + Plastic Mop


Super Microfiber + Scrub Brush


1 x Scrub Brush

1 x Chenille Mop Pad

2 x Microfiber Mop Heads

Package Dimensions

51 cm x 31 cm x 28cm approx.


2.8 kg

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