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Our general purpose scrubbing brushes are a household staple and will soon become one of your most-used household cleaning products.

The brush features a handle that is designed to contour to your hand, allowing you to adjust pressure as needed, preventing it from slipping out of your hand.

The thick and sturdy bristles allow this brush to be used on several different surfaces to remove built-up dirt and grime such as bathroom tiles, stains on carpets, stovetop cookers and much more.

The bristles are sturdy enough that they can withstand most water temperatures and cleaning agents that are used with them.

  • Rubber grip on each side of the handle for comfort during use.

  • Thick sturdy bristles allow for dirt and grime to be removed with ease.

  • Can be used with most cleaning products.

  • QUANTITY - This item is sold in a carton of 24.

  • COLOUR - Teal and Grey.

  • MATERIAL - Plastic.

  • VERSATILE - Can be used for several different cleaning purposes.

  • CONTOURED HANDLE - The contoured handle with grips allows for comfort while cleaning.

  • DURABLE BRISTLES - Won't bend out of shape and will remove dirt and grime with ease.

j***j|24 Mar, 2023

Very nice

k***5|22 Mar, 2023

the material is good

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